What's new in Visual Studio subscriptions

We update the Subscription benefits package often to make it more useful to you. We'll also make enhancements to our subscriber and subscription management portals to provide you the best possible experience. Read on to learn about the latest features and updates, sorted quarterly.

2019 Q3 (June-August)

"Contact my Admin" available for subscribers - August 2019

Many Visual Studio subscribers get their subscriptions through their work or school, and those subscriptions are assigned and managed by administrators. In large or complex organizations, it can be hard for a subscriber who needs help from an admin to know who to contact. To assist subscribers, we've added a new "Contact my Admin" feature in the subscriber portal at https://my.visualstudio.com/subscriptions. For more information, check out the Contact your administrator article.

Agreement preferences available for Super Admins - August 2019

A new feature in the Subscriptions Administration Portal now allows Super Admins to set global preferences for their agreements. This allows preferences to be set that will reduce the amount of work needed by admins when assigning subscriptions, and provide improved control over features like whether an admin can create a subscription for users outside of their organization. For more information, check out our Set agreement preferences article.

2019 Q2 (April-June)

Visual Studio with GitHub Enterprise subscriptions

At the //build conference in May, Microsoft announced that Enterprise Agreement customers can now purchase Visual Studio subscriptions that include GitHub Enterprise. It's an easy way to acquire both Visual Studio subscriptions and GitHub Enterprise for a single lower price.

GitHub Enterprise is available with Visual Studio Enterprise and Visual Studio Professional subscriptions acquired through Enterprise Agreements. There's also a "step-up" offer that allows you to add GitHub Enterprise even if your Enterprise agreement isn't due to renew.

To learn more about benefits, options, and pricing please visit https://visualstudio.microsoft.com/subscriptions/visual-studio-github.

If your organization already has Visual Studio with GitHub Enterprise subscriptions, you can learn more managing Visual Studio with GitHub Enterprise subscriptions in our documentation.

2019 Q1 (January-March)

Maximum Usage added to Subscriptions Administration portal

A new feature in the Visual Studio subscriptions administration portal helps you track how many subscriptions you've purchased and assigned, and identifies the peak number of subscriptions of each level you've assigned, both within the past year and throughout the duration of your agreement(s). This can help you understand your current subscription usage and plan for future purchases.

Maximum Usage Menu

You can also see a running history of your assignments, including your purchases and assignments.

For more information, please our maximum usage article.

And that's it for now!