What's new in Visual Studio subscriptions

We update the Subscription benefits package often to make it more useful to you. We'll also make enhancements to our subscriber and subscription management portals to provide you the best possible experience. We'll also generate new content in response to user questions and when changes are made. Read on to learn about the latest features and updates, sorted quarterly.

2021 Q3 (July - September)

Information about the impacts of expired subscriptions

We've added a new article detailing how subscribers are affected when their subscription expires. Learn about changes to benefits, access to product keys, and other important information.

Changes made to subscriptions by admins

Learn about the impacts to a subscriber when their admin makes a change to their subscription, such as changing the subscription level or removing their subscription completely.

Migration of subscribers from one agreement to another

For admins, we've added an article detailing the process for moving subscribers from an existing agreement to a new one. Find complete step-by-step instructions in the Move subscriptions to new agreements article.

What happens when an agreement expires?

Provided for admins, this article discusses admins and subscribers are affected when an agreement expires.

Removal of the limit on Azure AD groups

The limit of 1,000 users per Azure Active Directory groups has been removed. You can now add a group of any size. Check out the Add multiple users article in our documentation for the details.