<document> element (Office development in Visual Studio)

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The document element of the vstov4 namespace stores customization-specific information for document-level customizations.


<document solutionId />

Elements and attributes

Required only for document-level customizations. The document element is in the vstov4 namespace. The document element has the following attributes.

Attribute Description
solutionId Required. The GUID used by the Visual Studio Tools for Office runtime to uniquely identify a document-level solution. This value is stored as the _AssemblyLocation custom document property. For more information, see Custom document properties overview.

document has no child elements.

Document-level customization example


The following code example illustrates the document element in a document-level Office solution deployed by using ClickOnce. This code example is part of a larger example provided in Application manifests for Office solutions.


  solutionId="73e" />

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