IWefDebuggingSupport interface

Implemented by a debugging environment, such as Visual Studio, to facilitate debugging of apps for Office. The Office application, such as Word or Excel, obtains this interface from Visual Studio and then calls methods on the interface at certain points during the debugging session.


interface IWefDebuggingSupport : IUnknown  
    HRESULT SetWefProcessId(  
        [in] DWORD dwProcessId);  
    HRESULT GetAutoInsertExtensions(  
        [out, retval] SAFEARRAY(BSTR)* psaExtensionNames);  


The following table lists the methods that the IWefDebuggingSupport interface defines.

Name Description
GetAutoInsertExtensions method Gets information about the apps for Office that are to be automatically inserted during debugging.
SetWefProcessId method Provides the process identifier that will run Web Extensions Framework (WEF) content.