Praise in Viva Insights

You can use this feature in the Microsoft Viva Insights app in Teams to recognize the contributions of your employees and co-workers. Praise messages are shown as notifications in Microsoft Teams. You can have a praise message delivered in a private chat, or for wider recognition, in a Teams channel conversation.

You can also set reminders to send acclaim on a regular basis to your coworkers. See Set a praise reminder.


The praise app is a messaging extension of Microsoft Teams. For more information, see Messaging extensions.

Send praise

To send praise, first open the praise feature. You can do so in two places:

Send praise from the Home page

  1. On the Home page, select the Send praise to your colleagues card, which is located on the Home page at center left:

    Praise on Home page.

  2. Continue with the steps in Send a praise message.

Send a praise message

  1. After the Praise app opens, choose a badge to include with your praise message:

    Choose badge.

  2. Add the name of the person you want to praise.

  3. Choose the visibility of this praise. To make this choice, you must first decide whether you want to keep the praise private between you and the recipient or to make it visible (as a form of kudos, for example) to everyone in a Teams channel:

    • To make the praise message appear privately in a 1:1 chat between you and the recipient, select 1:1 chat. This option is available only if you and the recipient have already participated in a Teams chat together.

    • To let all the members of a Teams channel or subchannel see the praise message, select Teams channel. This option is available only if all of the praise recipients are participants in the Teams channel or subchannel that you choose.

  4. (Optional) In the Note field, add a personalized note.

  5. Select Preview.

  6. On the preview page, inspect the praise badge. If you need to edit it, select Back. Change the badge choice, the recipients list, or the personalized note. After you've finished making changes, select Preview and then select Send.

Send praise from the content pane

In Microsoft Viva Insights, you can always send praise right from the Home page. This means that you can send praise without installing the Praise messaging extension.

  1. Below the Type a new message field, select Praise:

    Select Praise.

    (If the Praise feature does not appear, follow the steps in Find the Praise feature.)

  2. Continue with the steps in Send a praise message.

Find the Praise feature

  1. Below the Type a new message field, select more options (the ellipsis):


  2. In the Find an app field, start typing "praise" and then select the Praise app to open it.

    Select icon for Praise app.

    The Praise app opens.

  3. Continue with the steps in Send a praise message.

Set praise reminders

Remind yourself to send praise to co-workers. Praise reminders are always recurring; this helps you build the habit of letting co-workers know that you appreciate their contribution.


  • You can schedule praise reminders for any day of the week, including days not configured as workdays in your Outlook settings.
  • The time you select will apply to every day on which you'll see reminders. You cannot set different times for different days of the week.
  • The reminder will not arrive at exactly the scheduled time, but within 15 minutes on either side of it. For example, if your reminder is scheduled for 5:00, the reminder could show up anytime between 4:45 and 5:15.

You can set praise reminders either on the Settings page or on the Home page, as described here:

  1. Select the Send praise to your colleagues card, which is located on the Home page at center left:

    Select Praise on Home page.

  2. In the praise reminder settings, select the time of day and day of the week, and then move the Reminders slider to On:

    Praise reminder.

    On the day of the week and time that you configured, the Viva Insights app will remind you to send praise. Selecting the reminder notification opens the Praise feature, after which you can continue with the steps in Send a praise message.

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