Teamwork plans

The purpose of the Teamwork plans is to create plans that help teams become more productive, use their time effectively, and make the most of their collaboration time. You start by identifying a shared goal that could benefit a team. Put that goal and that team together, and you have an opportunity. Viva Insights offers the following kinds of opportunities that you can use to create plans.

  • Focus - Help participants get more time to do deep work and reclaim their calendar for work that matters most.
  • Collaboration - Help participants reduce the number of excess meetings that the group schedules.
  • Wellbeing - Help participants unwind and protect their personal time by disconnecting in their off hours.

Use Teamwork plans

Analysts, Limited analysts, and Program managers can identify groups of employees and opportunities for change, design and start plans, track plans that are underway, and examine plans that have completed.

To start using Teamwork plans, see the following for details:

Plan introduction