My team FAQ

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about what you see in My team within Microsoft Viva Insights in Microsoft Teams.

Q1 Who benefits from My team in Viva Insights?

My team is designed for managers and team leads. It specifically benefits people managers, relationship managers, vendor managers, technical leads, and feature crew leads. Insights in My team are derived from their personal Exchange Online mailbox.

The My team insights are based on information managers and team leads already have access to in Outlook and Teams. Viva Insights applies intelligence to this information to make it easier for managers to reflect on their work patterns and take action to improve team productivity and wellbeing.

Q2 What data is used in these insights and how is it protected?

My team insights use collaboration data from Microsoft 365 and depending on your setup, use organizational data that your admin uploaded in Workplace Analytics or that's presented in Azure Active Directory. All of this data is de-identified to maintain personal privacy in Viva Insights. See Data-protection considerations for more details.

Q3 Can you identify specific team members or see their personal collaboration habits in My team?

No. My team insights are generated by using the manager or team lead’s data, which is computed from their email, meetings, calls, and chats. Individual employee data is stored and protected in the same way as their Microsoft 365 data. The exception is the Group insights in My team, which are aggregated and de-identified to protect employees’ personal data. Group insights are not shown by default. See Group insights for details.

Q4 Does the Microsoft Viva Insights app comply with GDPR?

Yes. The Viva Insights app complies with GDPR requirements.

Q5 How is my team defined and how can I change it?

The first time you open My team, you’re prompted to select your team and other settings. After the initial setup, you can make changes to your team any time within Settings:

  1. Select the ellipsis (...) in the upper-right of the Viva Insights app in Teams.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select My team to make changes to your team, and then select Save.


After you make changes, the automatic sync from your organization’s directory will stop and you will be responsible for keeping the list up to date.

Q6 How are Group insights different from other insights in My team?

Group insights in My team are not shown by default. These insights are based on your group’s collaboration data. See Group insights for details.

  • Access - Group insights are only available to those who are licensed and granted access by their Viva Insights admin. Additionally, you must have at least nine direct or indirect reports in Azure Active Directory (AD) to be eligible to see Group insights.
  • Team population - Group insights are based on organizational data from Azure AD. The metrics are calculated based on all employees reporting up to you. This is not the team you manually select and set up in the Viva Insights Settings.
  • Privacy - The metrics are de-identified and aggregated for Group insights and use differential privacy to keep personal data private. To learn more about differential privacy, see Differential Privacy.
Q7 Can I use My team as a team lead?

Yes. As an individual contributor, you can follow the steps described in the previous question to set up your team. After you set up your team, you’ll see My team within Viva Insights in Teams. The team insights will filter to match up to your currently selected team. However, as a team lead, you will not see Group insights.

Q8 Why can't I see the My team page?

This can occur if the Viva Insights feature is disabled. My team depends on data from Viva Insights.

  1. Go to
  2. Select the Settings (gear icon), and then select Settings in the Settings pane.
  3. Select to turn On Microsoft Viva Insights.
  4. Revisit Viva Insights in Teams to see the My team page.
Q9 Can a team lead gain access to the user experience of a manager or a leader?

Yes. You gain access to an experience if you fulfill the requirements for that experience. To see the prerequisites for the manager and leader insights, see Admin tasks for manager and leader insights.

Q10 How can I send Microsoft feedback?

For the "Is this helpful" question near the end of every insight and every page, select Yes or No to provide feedback. You can also select the Allow Microsoft to contact checkbox if you’d like Microsoft to contact you about the feedback.

Q11 How do I opt back in to My team?

You can opt back in at any time to My team within Viva Insights Settings. See Q3 for detailed steps.