My organization insights FAQ

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about what you see in My organization within Microsoft Viva Insights in Microsoft Teams.

Q1 Who benefits from My organization in Viva Insights?

My organization is designed for business leaders with organizational insights derived from Exchange Online mailbox.

The My organization insights are based on information that leaders already have access to in Outlook and Teams. Viva Insights applies intelligence to this information to make it easier for leaders to see work patterns and take action to help improve organizational productivity and wellbeing.

Q2 What data is used in these insights and how is it protected?

Leader insights use collaboration data from Microsoft 365 and depending on your setup, use organizational data that your admin uploaded in the advanced insights app or that's presented in Azure Active Directory. All of this data is de-identified to maintain personal privacy in Viva Insights. See Data-protection considerations for more details.

Q3 Does the Microsoft Viva Insights app comply with GDPR?

Yes. The Viva Insights app complies with GDPR requirements.

Q4 Can leader gain access to the user experience of a manager or a team lead?

Yes. You gain access to an experience if you fulfill the requirements for that experience. To see the prerequisites for manager and leader insights, see Admin tasks for manager and leader insights.

Q5 How can I send Microsoft feedback?

For the "Is this helpful?" question near the end of every insight and every page, select Yes or No to provide feedback. You can also select the Allow Microsoft to contact checkbox if you’d like Microsoft to contact you about the feedback.