Reorder cards

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Reordering cards requires TFS 2015.1 or later version.

You can drag any work item to any column or swimlane on the Kanban board. You can even change the order of items as you move a card to a new column.

Reorder cards while changing columns


Reordering cards is supported on TFS 2015.1 and later versions.


You can drag-and-drop work items onto a sprint from any backlog or board. To add sprints to a team backlog, see Set team defaults.

Set card reordering team preference

If you want to preserve the backlog priority when you move a card to a new column, you can change the Kanban board card reordering setting for your team.

  1. To open, choose the gear icon from your team's Kanban board.

    Kanban board, open common configuration settings

    If you're not a team admin, get added as one. Only team and project admins can set team settings.

  2. From the Card reordering page you can choose between the two supported behaviors.
    Kanban board, Card reording configuration dialog

    The setting you choose applies to all active Kanban boards for your team.


The last column, typically the Closed or Done column, is always ordered by Closed Date with recently Closed showing at the top. In all other columns, cards are ordered by the backlog order or they are reorder based on the Card reordering setting selected.