Keyboard shortcuts to interact with delivery plans

VSTS | TFS 2018 | TFS 2017.2

Installation of Delivery Plans requires TFS 2017.2 or later version.

You can use the following keyboard shortcuts when interacting with a delivery plan. To view the valid shortcuts, enter Shift+? when viewing a plan from the Work>Plans page.


Feature availability: The following shortcuts are available from the web portal for VSTS and TFS 2017.2 and later versions. Type ? to access the Global and hub-specific shortcuts.

Delivery plan keyboard shortcuts

Work Delivery plan
l  Open backlog
b  Open board
i  Open current iteration
t  Open task board
q  Open queries
z  Toggle full screen mode
Home     Select first item
Enter     Open item
n          New item
Ctrl+Up arrow Move item up
Ctrl+Down arrow Move item down
Ctrl+Left arrow Move item left
Ctrl+Right arrow Move item right
Shift+Left arrow  Pan timeline left
Shift+Right arrow  Pan timeline right
u            Collapse all backlogs
o            Expand all backlogs

Shift+pageup    Focus on previous team
Shift+pagedown  Focus on next team

Ctrl+Shift+f      Filter results