2015 Team Foundation Build release notes

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This topic is archived. For the latest news on Build and Release, see the News about VSTS.

December 19

New documentation



Moved to this site from VSTS:

December 15

Build Universal apps

You can build Universal apps.

Why hasn't my build started? What are my build agents doing?

You can see information about what's delaying your build from starting.

build waiting for an agent

build agent pools tab with status information

More efficient repo cleaning

On the Repository tab of the build definition, when you set Clean to true, the cleaning is now done this way:

  • Git: git clean -fdx, git reset -hard HEAD

  • TFVC: undo pending changes and scorch.

If you want this switch to work differently, then on the Variables tab, set the Build.Clean variable to:

  • all if you want to delete Agent.BuildDirectory, which is the entire working folder that contains the sources folder, binaries folder, artifact folder, and so on.

  • source if you want to delete Build.SourcesDirectory.

  • binary If you want to delete Build.BinariesDirectory.

Access the OAuth token from your script

Scripts can now use the build process OAuth token to access the VSTS REST API. See Use a script to customize your build process.

New documentation

New home page and 3-column layout.

Build your Windows Universal Platform app

Added and updated build steps:


November 25

New things you can do

  • You can contribute build steps as extensions.

  • See the build status for your repository in the code view.

    build status in code tab

  • You can see what agents are currently running and have run on the agent pools tab.

  • Added change account option for build agent.

  • Added Node.js handler to windows agent to enable many build tasks to have a single implementation.

  • Enabled Pull Requests build policy on cross-platform agent.

  • Enabled cross-platform agent to publish markdown files to build summary via the ##vso[build.uploadsummary]local file path command.

New documentation




I use TFS on-premises and I don't see some of these features. Why not?

Some of these features are available only on VSTS and not yet available on-premises. Some features are available on-premises if you have upgraded to the latest version of TFS.