How to: Use deployment groups

VSTS: Deployment groups are not yet available to all VSTS accounts.
TFS: At present, deployment groups are not available in Team Foundation Server.

View and manage deployment groups

You can view and manage groups on the Deployment Groups tab of the Build & Release hub.

Overview of all deployment groups

Create a deployment group

When you create a new deployment group, you specify the name and description. The Details page generates a script that you must execute on each of your target servers to install and prepare the agent.

Creating a deployment group

Manage machines in a deployment group

After you prepare your target servers, select and open the deployment group. The servers appear in the Summary tab, along with a list of tags and the agent version installed. The Deployments and Capabilities tabs provide more information about individual servers in the list.

Overview of a deployment group

Manage the security for a deployment group by assigning security roles.

Security for a deployment group

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