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Once the Wiki git repository is provisioned for your team project, a new page opens in which you can specify a title and add content. This is a side by side edit and preview experience that will allow you to edit the page and preview the content as you type.

You author pages using markdown format. Also, you can use the format pane for rich-text formatting and to insert images, attachments, and links.

Create first page

As you continue editing the page, save the page by entering Ctrl+S. To save with a custom revision message, click the context menu icon next to Save. For additional shortcuts, see Keyboard shortcuts to manage Wiki pages.

Save page with a custom message

Add a wiki page

To add another page, click New page. Or, to add a sub-page, open the context menu of an existing page and click Add sub-page.

You must specify a unique title of 235 characters or less. Page titles are case sensitive. For other title restrictions, see Page title naming restrictions.

Create wiki and first page

Edit and delete wiki pages

To edit an existing Wiki page, open the page and click Edit page, or open it's context menu and click Edit.

To delete a page, open it's context menu from the tree view of pages and click Delete. Confirm the delete in the dialog box that opens.

Reorder a wiki page

You can reorder pages within the wiki tree view to have pages appear in the order and hierarchy you want. You can drag-and-drop a page title in the tree view to perform these operations:

  • Change the parent-child relationship of a page
  • Change the order of the page within the hierarchy


Moving a page in the hierarchy may break links to it from other pages. You can always fix the links manually after you move. Reordering a page within a hierarchy has no impact on page links.

You can also use keyboard shortcuts to re-order pages. Select a page and press CTRL + UP ARROW or CTRL + DOWN ARROW to change page orders. To change the parent-child relationship of a page, open it's context menu and click Move. The Move page dialog opens. Select a parent page under which you can move the current page.

Move page in the hierarchy

For a complete list of keyboard shortcuts, see Keyboard shortcuts to manage Wiki pages.

Make a page the wiki home page

By default, the first page you add when you create a wiki is set as the wiki home page. You can change this if another page becomes more relevant. The home page opens whenever someone clicks Wiki within the web portal or clicks the home link home icon.

To reset the home page, open the context menu of the page and click Set as wiki homepage.

Make a page the home page

Filter wiki pages

The filter feature allows you to quickly find a wiki page after the number of pages has grown to the hundreds or thousands.

To find a page, enter a title or keyword into the Filter pages box.

Make a page the home page

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Wiki page title naming restrictions

Each wiki page corresponds to a file within the wiki git repo. Names you assign to a wiki page title must conform to the following restrictions.

Restriction type Restriction
File name The fully qualified page path should not exceed 235 characters.
Uniqueness Page titles are case sensitive and must be unique within the wiki hierarchy.
Special characters
  1. Must not contain any Unicode control characters or surrogate characters
  2. Must not contain the following printable characters: / : < > \ * ? \ | - #
  3. Must not start or end with a period (.)
  4. Titles of pages added offline titles must not contain a blank space.
File size Must not exceed the maximum of 18 MB
Attachment file size Must not exceed the maximum of 19 MB

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