Manage notifications for a team

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This topic applies to VSTS and to TFS 2017.1 and later versions. If you work from an on-premises TFS 2017 or ealier versions, see Set alerts, get notified when changes occur. For on-premises TFS, you must configure an SMTP sever in order for team members to see the Notifications option from their account menu and to receive notifications.

As changes occur to work items, code reviews, pull requests, source control files, and builds, your team can be notified via email. For example, when a high priority work item is assigned to your team's area path, an email can be sent to the team.

Create a custom email subscription

A subscription lets you control what your team should be notified about and how the team will receive those notifications.

  1. Open the Notifications hub under team settings.

    Notifications under settings menu

  2. Click New. If you're not a team administrator, get added as one. You need to be a team, project, or project collection administrator to create team alerts.

  3. Select the type of activity you want your team to be notified about.

    Select event category and template

  4. Provide a description to help you identify the subscription later.

    Select event category and template

  5. Choose which team members should receive a notification:

    Select role

    You can choose one of three delivery options:

    • Specific team members: only certain team members associated with the event are notified. For example, for work item changes, you might only want the current assignee of the work item to receive a notification.
    • Team email address: send an email to a specified email address.
    • All team members: send an individual email to each member of the team.

    For certain activities and when Specific team members is selected, you can choose to have the user that initiated the activity receive a notification. This is controlled by the Skip initiator checkbox. By default, this box is checked meaning the user that initiates the change will not be notified about it.

  6. Choose whether you want to receive notifications about activity in all projects or only a specific project.

    Select scope

  7. Optionally configure additional filter criteria.

    Select scope

  8. Click Finish to save the new subscription.