Create a wiki for your team project

VSTS | TFS 2018

Each team project can be provisioned with a wiki. Use it to share information with your team members and stakeholders to understand, use, and contribute to your project.


Feature availability: The built-in wiki is available with VSTS and TFS 2018 and later versions. To download TFS 2018, see the TFS 2018 Release Notes. If you were using the Wiki Marketplace extension, you can migrate your existing pages to the new team project wiki.

To access a Wiki or create one, open your web portal and click Wiki in the top row (click the actions icon if you don't see this option).

Wiki shows as a tab in VSTS

If you don't have a team project yet, create one in VSTS.

Provision wiki git repository

Each team project wiki is powered by a git repository in the back-end. When you create a team project, a Wiki git repo is not created by default. On the Wiki landing page, click Create Wiki to provision a new git repository that will store all your wiki pages and related artifacts. (Even if you use TFVC for source control, you can create a wiki with a git repository.)

Create a wiki

The Wiki git repo is referred as For example, if your team project is 'foobar' then the Wiki repo is called ''.

Don't have access to create git repository?

You need to be a member of the Project Administrators group in order to see and exercise the Create Wiki option. If you don't have access to create a Wiki git repository, you will see a page as follows.

Unable to create a Wiki repository

You can contact your administrator to provision the Wiki git repository or request that they elevate your permissions. Stakeholders can't be granted permissions to create a wiki as they have no permissions to work in the Code hub.

Try this next

Why is the git repository hidden?

The doesn't appear in the drop-down menu of repositories in the Code hub, nor in the list provided in the team project administration context, Version Control page.

However, you can navigate to it from the following URL:

VSTS https://<AccountName><TeamProjectName>/_git/<TeamProjectName>.wiki

TFS 2018 https://<ServerName>/DefaultCollection/<TeamProjectName>/_git/<TeamProjectName>.wiki

You can click More followed by Clone Wiki to access the Wiki URL.

Clone wiki

This will expose the URL of the wiki git repository and you can paste it into your web browser to access the underlying git repo.