Building extensions for Visual Studio

What are extensions?

Extensions allow you to add new features to or integrate existing tools into Visual Studio. An extension can be as simple as adding grid lines to show indentation levels in the editor or as complex as a suite of tools specific to how your team works. There are thousands of extensions already out there and available through the Marketplace; however, this Beginner's Guide to Extensions will show you how to create your own.


You can also Create Extensions for VSTS.

How do I start?

Before launching into the sea of resources at MSDN, this site has a Beginner's Guide to Extensions. The following are some resources to get you started:

You'll also learn about what resources, code samples, and extensions are already available to you.

Video guides from Channel 9

If you're a visual person or you want a quick overview, the team at Microsoft has been busy creating content for you. A great place to start is this Building Extensions video (below) from Tim Sneath, Principal Program Manager. For more videos on extensibility, see Channel 9.