Publish your extension

This section describes what you need to publish your extension to the Visual Studio Gallery and make it available to all developers.

Package your extension

  1. Update the extension vsixmanifest with the correct information about title, author, and version. Image showing the screen to add metadata to the manifest
  2. Build your extension in release mode. Now your extension will be packaged as a VSIX in the \bin\Release folder.
  3. You can double click the VSIX to verify the installation.

Once your extension is ready to share, you can publish the extension to the Visual Studio Gallery.

  1. Click Upload. Image showing the Upload button
  2. In Step 1: Extension Type, select the appropriate Type, and then click Next.
  3. In Step 2: Select I would like to upload my tool. The message Select your control box appears. Click Browse, and then select the VSIX file in the \bin\Release folder of the project. Click Next.
  4. In Step 3: Basic Information, fields from the source.extension.vsixmanifest file are displayed. Select an appropriate Category and add Tags to help users find your extension. You may want to add a more detailed summary and description (the description must be at least 280 characters long). Leave Extension Type as Not a Microsoft Extension and Cost Category as Free.
  5. Read the Contribution Agreement at the bottom of the page and check I agree.
  6. Click Create Contribution. This displays the page your extension will have on the Visual Studio Gallery, with a message that the page has not yet been published.
  7. Click Publish.
  8. Search the Visual Studio Gallery for your extension. The listing for the TestPublish extension should appear.

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