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It's always a good idea to have more than one person with administration permissions for an area. You need to be a team administrator to configure team settings.

As a team administrator, you can configure, customize, and manage all team-related activities for your team. These include being able to add team members, add team admins, and configure Agile tools and team assets.


To get added as a team administrator, ask another team admin, the organization owner, or a member of the Project Administrators group to add you.

If you need to add a team, see Add teams.

Open Project Settings>Team Profile and add an administrator

From the web portal, open the admin page for the team.


Choose Previous navigation when you see a top-level blue bar. Choose New navigation if you see a vertical sidebar or if you enabled the New Navigation preview feature. The vertical sidebar, along with other navigational features, is enabled when the New Navigation preview feature has been enabled for the signed-in user or the VSTS organization. To learn how to use the web portal effectively, see Navigation Basics.

For on-premises TFS users, choose Previous Navigation for guidance.

  1. Choose Project Settings and choose Teams.

    Open Code, new nav

  2. Choose the team to configure, and then choose the Add link to open the dialog for adding user identities.

    Team profile, Add a team admin

  3. Enter the identities you want to add to the team administrator role.

    Add team administrator dialog

New navigation isn't supported on TFS at this time. Choose Previous navigation for guidance.

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