Create a feed

VSTS | TFS 2017


If you don't see the Packages hub, ask your account owner to install the Package Management extension from the Visual Studio Marketplace.

A feed is a container for packages. You consume and publish packages through a particular feed.

  1. Navigate to the Packages hub in the Build & Release hub group:

    Go to Packages hub

  2. Click the dropdown in the top left and select New feed:

    New feed button

  3. In the dialog:

    • Give the feed a name.
    • Choose who can read and contribute (or update) packages in your feed.
    • Choose the upstream sources for your feed.
    • When you're done, choose Create.

Most of the default settings work great for most feed users. Making your feed account visible means it's easy to share a single source of packages across your entire team. Enabling upstream sources to public sources makes it easy to use your favorite OSS packages, and can also give you additional protection against outages and corrupted or compromised packages.

New feed dialog

You can change these settings later by editing the feed.