Secure feeds using permissions

VSTS | TFS 2017

Feed permissions overview

Feeds have three levels of access: Owners, Contributors, and Readers. Owners can add any type of identity—individuals, teams, and groups—to any access level.

Permission Reader Contributor Owner
List and restore/install packages
Push packages
Unlist/deprecate packages
Delete/unpublish package
Edit feed permissions
Rename and delete feed

By default, the Project Collection Build Service is a Contributor and your project team is a Reader. Learn more about common identities used with Package Management.

Editing permissions for a feed

With your feed selected, select Edit feed (the gear icon).

Edit feed button

Select Permissions.

Editing a feed's permissions

In the edit feed dialog:

  • Choose to make each person or team an Owner, Contributor, or Reader.
  • When you're done, select Save.