Install and license Package Management

VSTS | TFS 2017

Package Management is an extension to VSTS and TFS. This means you'll need the Package Management extension installed in your account and have Package Management assigned to you in order to view, upload, and download packages.

Install Package Management in VSTS

First, go to the Marketplace page for Package Management.

Marketplace page for Package Management

Select Start Trial, then:

  1. Select your account
  2. Select Continue
  3. Select Confirm

During the 30-day trial period, everyone in your account (except Stakeholders) can use Package Management for free.

Install dialog

Once the install is completed, select Proceed to the account. Then, go to any project and select the Packages hub in the Build & Release hub group.

Install dialog

Install Package Management in TFS

Package Management is installed by default for TFS 2017 customers. You must upgrade to TFS 2017 in order to use Package Management.

Buying Package Management

Once your 30-day trial of Package Management is over, you'll either need Package Management assigned to you or have a VS Enterprise subscription to view, upload, and download packages. In VSTS, you can assign 5 users Package Management for free. In TFS, all Package Mangement licenses must be purchased in the Marketplace.

To buy additional licenses of Package Management in VSTS, start by navigating to the Package Management page in the Marketplace.

To buy licenses of Package Management in TFS, navigate to the marketplace using the Browse Marketplace link in the top right-hand corner of any page in your account:

Browse marketplace

Then navigate to the Package Management page.

Once you're on the Marketplace Page, select Buy. In the dialog that appears, select your account then select Continue.

Buy dialog

If you don't have an Azure subscription, select Create new Azure subscription and follow the process on the following page. When you're done, select Back to Visual Studio Marketplace.

Back to Marketplace button

Then, select the number of users and select Continue.

Select the number of users

Finally, select Confirm and then Assign to users.

For further help on the purchasing process, check out the documentation here.

Assign Package Management in VSTS

To assign your 5 free licenses of Package Management and any additional licenses that you've purchased, go to your account, select the Users hub, and select Package Management.

Users hub

Then, select Assign, type the users you want to assign licenses to, then select Ok. If you have a VS Enterprise license, you already have access to Package Management and don't need to be assigned a licenses.

Assign licenses in TFS

From any collection in TFS, hover over the settings menu and select the Users hub. Then select Package Management.

Users hub in TFS

Select Assign, type the user(s) you want to assign licenses, then select Ok.

Users with Visual Studio Enterprise subscriptions get Package Management for free. Ensure that your Visual Studio Enterprise subscribers are assigned VSE access level.

Users using an instance of TFS disconnected from the internet (and thus unable to purchase licenses from the marketplace) can still assign licenses purchased through an enterprise agreement.

Q: How do I know if I’ll still be able to use Package Management after my trial expires?

A: All users who show up under the Package Management section of the Users hub will have access to Package Management after the trial expires. You’ll need either a Package Management license or Visual Studio Enterprise subscription to show up in this list.

Q: I am one of my account's 5 free Basic users. Does that mean I can use Package Management as well?

A: Your account's 5 free Basic users are separate from your 5 free Package Management users. The free Package Management licenses must be bought from the Marketplace and assigned in the Package Management section of the Users hub.

Q: I have a Visual Studio Professional subscription. Can I use Package Management for free?

A: Unfortunately not. Only Visual Studio Enterprise subscriptions include Package Management.