Deprecate or unpublish an npm package


Support for npm packages is available with Package Management in VSTS and TFS 2017 Update 1 and newer.

There are two options available to remove a version of an npm package from a feed.

  1. Deprecate: deprecating a version of a package adds a deprecation message that most npm clients, and VSTS, will show whenever the package is viewed or installed. Deprecating a version can help you discourage new usage of it by presenting a warning message when the package is installed.
  2. Unpublish: Unpublishing a version of a package makes it permanently unavailable for install or restore.


You must be a contributor to deprecate and an owner to unpublish. To deprecate or unpublish a version of a package, choose the package from the Packages menu, and select the appropriate option from the menu under the ellipses.

Deprecate and unpublish buttons

Use npm

  1. Set up the npm client with your feed.
  2. Deprecate a package by running npm deprecate <package>[@<version>] <message>.
  3. Unpublish a package by running npm unpublish <package>@<version>.

At this time, it's not possible to use npm unpublish <package> to unpublish all versions.

See the deprecate or unpublish CLI docs for more info.