NuGet Auth Helper

Works with all versions of Visual Studio and NuGet.exe

The NuGet Auth Helper acquires credentials for each of the package sources in a NuGet.config file and stores the encrypted credentials in %AppData%\NuGet\NuGet.config. Because the acquired credentials are Personal Access Tokens, which periodically expire, you'll sometimes need to re-run the helper to update your credentials.

Usage instructions

  1. Download a bundle with the latest version of NuGet.exe and the NuGet Auth Helper: https://{account}
  2. Add your feed as a NuGet package source
    • To add a feed to the global NuGet.config: nuget sources add -name {your feed name} -source {your feed URL}
    • To add a feed to your solution, create or edit a NuGet.config file at the solution root
  3. Run the helper on your your NuGet.config file: VSS.NuGet.AuthHelper.exe -Config {path/to/NuGet.config}
    • The path to the global NuGet.config is $env:APPDATA\NuGet\NuGet.config

Bootstrap into your workflow

You can also add the helper to your enlistment or developer command prompt using our bootstrap tools.

This is recommended if you're using the helper in a developer team that cannot update to NuGet 3.x and Visual Studio 2015 Update 1.