Unlist or delete a NuGet package

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There are two options available to remove a version of a NuGet package from a feed.

  1. Unlist: unlisting a version of a package modifies how the package appears in NuGet clients (see the NuGet docs for a full description of how unlist works). Unlisting a version can help you prevent new usage of it without breaking dependent projects and builds.
  2. Delete: Deleting a version of a package makes it permanently unavailable for install or restore.

Unlist and delete both respect feed immutability. Once you publish a particular version of a package to a feed, that version number is permanently reserved. You cannot upload a newer revision package with that same version number, or delete it and upload a new package at the same version.

Unlisting or deleting a package in VSTS

You must be a contributor to unlist and an owner to delete. To unlist or delete a version of a package, choose the package from the Packages menu, and select the appropriate option from the menu under the ellipses.

Unlist and delete buttons

Unlisting a package using NuGet.exe

First, get the tools (make sure you're using NuGet 3.5 or later) and your feed URL:

  1. Navigate to your feed (or create a feed if you haven't).

  2. Select Connect to feed:

    Connect to feed button in the upper-right of the page

  3. Follow steps 1, 2, and 3 to get the tools, add the feed to your local NuGet configuration, and push the package.

    NuGet publish instructions in the Connect to feed dialog

Then, run

nuget.exe delete {your_package_id} {version} -Source {feed URL} -ApiKey key

Currently, NuGet.exe can only unlist packages; VSTS and TFS interpret nuget.exe delete as an unlist operation to be consistent with NuGet.org. To delete a package, you must use either the REST APIs or the web interface.