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You can quickly get started with a team project from the project page. You can share your project vision with your team, add team members, and check the latest activity. Use this page to leverage all the built-in DevOps functionality of VSTS and to perform the following activities:


The features and functions available from your project page depend on the source control—Git or Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC)—that you selected when you created your team project.

Git repository � TFVC repository �
- Clone your project to your client computer
- Push an existing repository from the command line
- Import a repository
- Initialize a README or gitignore
- Setup a build from an external repository
- Add team members
- View code, build, and work activity
- Setup a build
- Add a README for your project
- Add team members
- View code, build, and work activity


Feature availability: The project page described in this topic is available for TFS 2017.1 and later versions. It replaces the Welcome page used in TFS 2017 and earlier versions.


Open the project home page

From your web browser, open the team project drop down menu and select the home page. If you don't have a team project yet, create one in VSTS.

Open the Project Home Page

Get started with a new team project

Upon adding another team project to your account or collection, you'll see the get started page. This page guides you to get started quickly by adding code to your repository when you choose one of the options to clone, push, import, or simply initialize a repo. You can easily get started by adding members, setting up builds, or adding work from this page.

Share your project vision

You can share your project vision and objective, as well as ways for team members to contribute to the project through a Project readme.

To edit the project file, click the Edit button. You'll need to be a member of the Project Administrators group or have your Edit project-level information permission set to allow.

You can use Markdown language to format the README file and add images. To learn more about adding a README file, see Create a README for your repo and Markdown guidance.

Example project home page

View cross project activity

In addition to sharing information, the project home page pulls data from the various functional hubs to give visitors a bird's-eye view of your project activity.

Project Home Page, Activity

To add team members or manage membership in the team project, click Add team members button Add button.

Create a Repository README or Welcome page


Feature availability: The Welcome pages are available from the web portal of TFS 2017 and earlier versions.

Here's an example of a Welcome page:

Sample Welcome Markdown page

Edit or create additional pages


If you set policies on the Git repository, changes to the welcome page must be done as a pull request.

  1. You can start editing directly from the Welcome page.

    Web portal, Project page, Edit Welcome Markdown page

    To edit a page, you must be a contributor to the repository or branch or have the Contribute permissions set to allow.

  2. To add another page, simply enter a link to a new Markdown file that doesn't yet exist, for example:


  3. After you save the file, click the link. Respond to the prompt to edit the file and commit it to your repository.

Location of the Welcome pages

The Welcome page corresponds to the file defined in the Git repository or TFVC project folder (i.e. $/TeamProject/ Additional pages you create show up in the same location.

Web portal, Code hub, Markdown pages in the repository

You can edit and manage these files in the same way you manage all other files under source control.

Git new project

For Git projects, the file needs to be at the root of each repository in the default branch. For Git based projects the left pane supports navigation to other repositories. A separate Welcome page/ file can be created for each repository.

Change the repository used

You can change the repository used to support your project vision, including pointing it to the home page of your built-in Wiki.

  1. From your project home page, click Change.

    Web portal, Project page, Change repo

    If you don't see the Change link, then you're not a member of the Project Administrators group. Get added as an admin in order to proceed.

  2. From the select file dialog, choose an existing repo from the drop-down menu, or choose the Wiki option as shown here.

    Web portal, Project page, Select file to display dialog


    Only the Wiki home page displays. To access additional Wiki pages, you must navigate to the Wiki.

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