Team Foundation Service updates - Jan 9

Account rename

One of the most requested features to date has been the ability to rename your account. We are happy to report that starting today, you can rename your account directly through the admin UI. We don’t often release new features outside our normal 3 week cadence, but this feature has been in such high demand that we decided to get it out the door the moment it was ready.

Click the small gear in the top right hand corner of the navigation and then click the Control Panel navigation link. Click the Settings tab, and then the Change link under Advanced administration tasks. You’ll see the dialog below warning you about everything that could go wrong when you do this (don't panic, just read the directions carefully). We no doubt have some beautification work to do on this dialog, but we didn’t want that to stop us from getting the feature out the door.

Rename account

Simply follow the instructions on the page and your account URL will be renamed.

As always, let us know how we’re doing on User Voice, the MSDN Forums, and (Twitter)[].


Aaron Bjork