Team Foundation Service updates - Sep 30

We have three new improvements to existing features in this sprint.

New Language Support for Code Syntax Highlighting

In our source based web views, we have rich syntax highlighting for code. Today we expanded the number of file types we support to include:

-PowerShell -Python -Ruby -Lua -Less -ini

Color Picking in Charts

In the last deployment, we added a new work item chart feature. By popular demand, we now allow you to edit the colors for each series on a chart. Simply click on a series in the chart and pick a color from the color picker.

Color picker for charts

Column Options for the Test Case Grid View

Also in the last deployment, we enabled the grid view for easy authoring of test cases. In this deployment, we are enhancing the grid view to support more test case work item fields. The "Column Options" controls what fields you will see in both the list view and the grid view.

More fields in the grid view

Note: The grid view will only show test case work item fields - it will not show fields such as Outcome, Assigned

Tester, Configurations etc., which are associated with running tests.

That’s it for this sprint 54. As always let us know how we're doing on User Voice, the MSDN Forums, and Twitter.


Jamie Cool