Publish a Power BI Desktop file to



Feature availability: The Analytics Marketplace extension is available to all VSTS accounts and provides access to several useful
widgets, such as Cumulative Flow, Velocity, and Lead and Cycle Time. The Analytics OData endpoint, which provides a concise model over the VSTS suite for Work Item Tracking, Test, Version Control, and
Build, is in a closed preview and only available to select VSTS customers at this time.

If you are looking for information about the Azure Analysis Services, see Azure Analysis Services or What is Azure Analysis Services?.

Once you've created a Power BI Desktop file and the associated charts and tables, you can share those with others by creating a dashboard on This process walks you through how to do that.

  1. Open the Power BI Desktop file with your data.

  2. Click Publish on the Home tab.

    Publish Power BI Desktop file

  3. You will be prompted to Sign in or create and if you don't have a Power BI account you can create one. Click Sign in

    If you are already signed in, the dialog will go away and you will see a Publishing to Power BI message. After the publishing is complete you'll see a success message.

    Publishing successful

  4. Click the Open 'file name' in Power BI link

  5. Expand the navigation pane in Power BI and select the work space that you selected when you published the report.

  6. Click Datasets in the upper right corner.

  7. Click the ellipsis next to the dataset that represents the report you just loaded (this is typically the file name.

    Select the dataset

  8. Click Schedule Refresh.

  9. Click the Edit credentials link next to ODATA under Data source credentials as shown here:

    Update odata credentials

  10. Select the appropriate authentication option (as discussed in Client Authentication Options).

  11. Use oAuth2 for Azure Active Directory (AAD) credentials.


  1. Click Sign in.

At this point the data will update on your scheduled basis using the credentials entered.


If you are using a Personal Access Token, remember that the token expires on a set interval. When it expires you'll need to update the credentials. Otherwise the report, while still displaying data, won't update with the latest data.