Add Markdown to a dashboard

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Use the Markdown widget to support your team and stakeholders by adding information such as:

  • Team goals
  • Provide links to team backlogs or boards, metrics, or other items located in a network share such as a OneNote, SharePoint site or wiki pages
  • Important dates or target deadlines

Here's an example:

Web portal, Sample Markdown widget

Connect to the web portal for your team project

To add the markdown widget to a dashboard, you connect to your team project using a supported web browser. If you don't have a team project yet, create one in VSTS.

Open a browser window and click the Dashboards hub. If you haven't been added as a team member, get added now.

Open the Dashboards hub

If you don't see the team or team project you want, click the project icon project icon to browse all team projects and teams.

Add the markdown widget to a dashboard

  1. Click Edit dashboard icon to modify a dashboard.

    If you need to add a dashboard, see Add and manage dashboards.

  2. Click add a widget icon to open the widget catalog.

  3. Drag the Markdown widget onto the dashboard where you want it located.

    Markdown widget

  4. Click the gear icon gear icon to open the configuration dialog for the widget.

    To edit a markdown widget, you may need to be a team admin, a member of the Project Administrators group, or be granted permissions. To learn more, see (../report/

  5. Adjust the widget size as needed to fit the contents of the markdown you'll enter. The largest size is 10 tiles wide by 10 tiles tall. You can always adjust this later.

    Change markdown widget size

  6. Enter the text and markdown syntax into the configuration the configuration dialog. For supported syntax, see Syntax guidance for Markdown files, widgets, wikis, and pull request comments.

    Here we show some simple text with a bulleted list of four links

    Configure markdown

    To link to a wiki page, repository file, hub, or page within the team project, use this format:

    /DefaultCollection/Fabrikam%20Fiber/Voice/_wiki?pagePath=%2FHome /DefaultCollection/Fabrikam%20Fiber/Voice/_git/Fabrikam%20Fiber? /DefaultCollection/Fabrikam%20Fiber/Voice/_backlogs?level=Backlog%20items&showParents=false&_a=backlog

    This renders the following widget:

    Web portal, Sample Markdown widget


    Links to documents on file shares using file:// are not supported on VSTS or TFS 2017.1 and later versions. This restriction has been implemented for security purposes.

  7. Optionally, you can choose to point to a file in your repository.

    Configure Markdown widget with a repo file

  8. If you haven't closed the widget catalog yet, do that now.

  9. If you want to reposition the markdown widget or other widgets on the dashboard, do that now while you're still in dashboard edit mode.

  10. When you're finished with your changes, click Exit edit-dashboard-mode icon to exit dashboard editing.