Set dashboard permissions

VSTS | TFS 2018 | TFS 2017.1


Feature availability: For VSTS and TFS 2017.1 and later versions, you can set dashboard permissions.

As a team admin you can set dashboard permissions for your team. As a member of the Project Administrators group, you can set dashboard permissions for all teams.

From the Permissions tab you can grant or restrict permissions to your team members to edit and manage your team dashboards. The default setting provides all team members permissions to edit and manage dashboards.


If a user reports that they can't create or edit a team dashboard, and you've set the permissions to allow them to do so, check that they have been added as a member of the team. This includes adding them as a team member to the default team project team.

VSTS and TFS 2018

Manage dashboards - permissions dialog, VSTS and TFS 2018

TFS 2017.1

Manage dashboards - permissions dialog, 2017.1