Test Result tables

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You can query for data about test results by using the FactTestResult table and the associated dimension tables. For information about the measures and dimensions that are associated with these tables in the SQL Server Analysis Services cube, see Test results.

Test Results, Test Suites, and Test Plans

The DimTestResult table provides details about the test results themselves, and you can use the DimTestPlan and DimTestSuite tables to organize the results by test plan and test suite.

Fact Table for Test Results

Test Results and Test Runs

You can use the DimTestRun, DimConfiguration, and DimPerson dimension tables to include data about how the tests were run.

Fact Table for Test Results with Runs

Test Results and Builds

You can use the DimBuild, DimBuildFlavor, and DimBuildPlatform dimension tables, to include data about the build that was used to create the test results.

Fact Table for Test Results with Builds

Test Results and Team Project Data

You can use the DimTeamProject, DimArea, and DimIteration tables to obtain details about how the tests are organized in the team project, and you can use DimDate to show when the test results were created.

Fact Table for Test Results with Other