AppVeyor with VSTS

Set up continuous integration builds in AppVeyor for the code in your VSTS Git repositories.

Integrate AppVeyor with VSTS

  1. If you don't have an AppVeyor account, sign up with your VSTS account.

    VSTS button on the AppVeyor sign up page

  2. Create a new project.

    Create new project

  3. Add a Git repository from your VSTS account.

    Add VSTS Git project

    Now an AppVeyor CI build will start whenever you push code to your repository in VSTS.

    Build results


VSTS doesn't charge for the framework for integrating with external services. Check out the specific service's site for pricing related to their services.

Q & A

Q: Do I need to sign into AppVeyor using my VSTS ID in order to setup this integration?

A: No. If you use an account that's not already associated with your Visual Studio ID, you'll authorize access to your VSTS account when you add Git repositories from VSTS.

Q: Does AppVeyor change anything in my VSTS account?

A: Yes. It adds a service hook subscription to your team project.

VSTS AppVeyor consumer added

Q: What happens if I remove the AppVeryor project?

A: The AppVeyor service hook subscription is removed from VSTS.

Q: Can I get notification of AppVeyor builds in my VSTS team room?

A: Yes, you can set that up in the AppVeyor Notifications page.

Configure team room notifications

Q: If I reconfigure AppVeyor from VSTS, where do I get the webhook ID used by AppVeyor?

A: From the projects settings:

Project settings

Q: Where can I get more information about AppVeyor?