Zapier with VSTS

Use Zapier to connect VSTS to other apps for development, operations, customer connection, sales, marketing and more. Once you have your Zapier account, just create a zap to send messages between VSTS and those other apps.

Create a note when code is pushed

Create a zap that responds to an event from Visual Studio and triggers an action in another app. In this case, we create a note in OneNote when code is pushed to a Git repository in our VSTS account to show how that works.

  1. If you don't already have one, sign up for a Zapier account.

  2. Create a zap.

    Zapier dashboard, make a new zap button

  3. Pick the event in Visual Studio that you want to respond to, and then choose the app that you want to trigger and the action you want that app to take.

    Choose a triiger and action

  4. Connect to your VSTS account.

    Connect and test your VSTS account

  5. Connect to the app that will respond to the event.

    Connect to the action app account

  6. Authorize Zapier to access your account's resources.

    Allow access to the action app account

  7. You can filter the events coming from VSTS for this zap. For example, this zap will only act on code pushes in the master branch of the default repository for this team project. Pushes in other team projects, other repositories, or other branches of this repository will be ignored by this zap.

    Select the branch to trigger on for new code pushes

  8. Configure the response to the event in the other app.

    Configure the action app message

  9. Verify that the zap works.

    Verify that the zap works

  10. Name the zap and turn it on.

    Name the zap and turn it on

    Now the zap is set up, you'll get new notes in OneNote each time code is pushed in VSTS.

    Now the zap is set up


VSTS doesn't charge for the framework for integrating with external services. Check out the specific service's site for pricing related to their services.

Q & A

Q: Can VSTS take actions based on events from other apps, too.

A: Yes, you can create a zap to post a message to a team room, queue a build, or add a link to a work item in VSTS. Just choose VSTS as the app that's taking the action instead of raising the event.

Choose VSTS as the action app

Q: Why can't I create a zap?

A: If you are not able to create a zap, make sure that:

  • Service hooks are enabled on the VSTS account you are trying to create the zap in.
  • You are a project administrator (or have the appropriate service hook management permissions) on the project.

Q: Why can't I connect to the VSTS service?

A: Verify that you are a project administrator for the VSTS project you are attempting to create zaps against.

Q: Can I programmatically create subscriptions?

A: Yes, see details here.

Q: Where can I get more information about Zapier?

A: At Zapier for VSTS.