Changes to requirements for TFS 2017

TFS 2017

There are a number of changes coming to Team Foundation Server requirements in TFS 2017. Details on requirements across versions of TFS can be found in requirements and compatibility. This document is intended to help current users of TFS 2015 who are upgrading to TFS 2017.

Operating systems

TFS 2017 will not support 32-bit OSes. There has not been a 32-bit server OS since Windows Server 2008, and we do not recommend installing TFS on client OSes except for evaluation purposes or personal use. Despite this, a relatively large percentage of TFS installations were on 32-bit OSes as recently as TFS 2013. In TFS 2015, this percentage dropped low enough that we felt the time was right to drop support for installing TFS on 32-bit OSes with TFS 2017.

SQL Server

TFS 2017 will no longer support SQL 2012, but will continue to support SQL 2014. We typically strive to support at least one "overlapping" version of SQL between major releases of TFS in order to make it easier to upgrade TFS deployments incrementally.

Project Server

TFS 2017 and later versions will no longer support native integration with Microsoft Project Server. Instead, if you are on TFS 2017 and want to integrate with Microsoft Project Server, you can do so using the solution that our partner Tivitie provides.

For more information on why we no longer support this integration, please check out this blog post.

When you upgrade TFS 2015 or earlier version which has the native TFS-Project Server integration configured, remnants of the integration remain. You may choose to ignore them, or you can remove them to avoid receiving error messages. See Remove integration of TFS with Project Server.

Hardware requirements

There are no major changes in hardware requirements for TFS 2017 if your usage remains consistent. There are some new features in TFS 2017, however, which may impact performance and requirements if you choose to use them. Code Search, for example, can introduce significant new memory and CPU consumption to your TFS deployment, and if your deployment is sensitive to additional load you may wish to use a dedicated computer for Code Search. For more details, see hardware requirements for Code Search.


TFS 2017 will no longer support Internet Explorer 9 or 10. We recommend upgrading to Internet Explorer 11, or using the most recent version of Edge, Chrome, or Firefox.