Sign up for a free VSTS account and invite others to join your team


Sign up for a VSTS account to upload and share code in a free unlimited private Git repository. You can then connect to your favorite development tool like Eclipse, Xcode, Visual Studio, IntelliJ, or Android Studio to work on apps anytime, anywhere.

Sign up with a personal Microsoft account

  1. Right-click the sign-up link, VSTS, and enter your email address for your Microsoft account.

    If you're a Visual Studio subscriber and get VSTS as a benefit, use the Microsoft account associated with your subscription.

    Enter your email address

  2. On the Microsoft account sign-in page, enter your email address for your Microsoft account. Then enter your password, and finish signing in.

    Enter password for your Microsoft account

    If you don't have a Microsoft account, you can create a Microsoft account at this time.

  3. Enter a name for your account. The name you enter cannot contain spaces or special characters (such as / \ [ ] : | < > + = ; ? or *), cannot end in a period or comma, must be less than 256 characters, and must be unique within the VSTS namespace.

    To manage your code, choose Git or Team Foundation Version Control.

    Name your VSTS account, choose your version control

    Choose Git for distributed source control and TFVC for centralized source control. To learn more, review Git or Team Foundation Version Control.

  4. (Optional) Click Change details to change default assignments. Otherwise, click Continue to confirm to initiate your account creation.

    Rename team project, change account location, or select another process

    To change default assignments, use this guidance:

    • Project name: You can specify your team project name. The name you enter cannot contain spaces or special characters (such as / : \ ~ & % ; @ ' " ? < > | # $ * } { , + = [ ], cannot begin with an underscore or begin or end with a period, and must be 64 characters or less.
    • Organize work using: The default work tracking process is set to Agile. If you want to work with Scrum or CMMI processes, then select those now. You can't change the process after the team project is created. (To learn more, see Choose process.
    • Host your projects in: You can choose between several locations for where you want your data hosted.

    Choose details for your VSTS account

  5. By default, VSTS creates your first team project as "MyFirstProject". After VSTS creates your account and team project, you can invite others to join your project, add code, start planning and tracking using work items, or rename your team project.

    Add code or work items

    Congratulations, you're now a VSTS account owner!

    To sign in to your account at any time, go to https://{youraccount}

Invite others to join your team

You provide others access to your account by adding their email address.

  1. Turn on Streamlined User Management for your account.


    Streamlined User Management is in preview. Turning it on now shows you how to enable preview features, and also provides you access to the enhanced user interface for managing users.

    a. From your user account menu (you'll see a letter or an image of your profile), click the Preview features option.
    Open Preview Features

    b. In the first drop-down menu, choose the option for all accounts.

    Preview features options for the account


    If you don't see the user/account menu option, then you aren't an account administrator.

    c. Enable the Streamlined User Management option.

    Enable streamline user management

    Click the close icon (close-icon to close the preview features dialog window.

  2. Click gear icon, the gear Settings icon, and choose the Account Settings option

    Open Account Settings

  3. Then, click Users to open the Manage users page. Click Add new users to open the dialog.

    Open Add new users dialog

  4. Fill out the form.

    Web portal, account admin context, Add new users dialog

    • Users: Enter the email address (Microsoft account address) for the user account. You can add several email addresses by separating them with a semicolon (;). Note that the email addresses display in red when they are accepted.
      > [!NOTE]
      > You must add email addresses for > "personal" Microsoft accounts > unless you plan to use Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). > to authenticates users and control account access.
      > If your users don't have Microsoft accounts, > have them sign up.
    • Access level: Leave the Access level at Basic for those users who will contribute to the code base. To learn more, see About access levels.
    • Add to projects: Select the project that you named in the previous procedure.
    • VSTS Groups: Leave this entry at Project Contributors, the default security group for people who will contribute to your project. To learn more, see Default permissions and access assignments.
  5. When done, click Add to complete your invitation.

Next steps

For more information on managing users and account access, see Add account users for VSTS.