TF237002: Cannot open the document because Microsoft Excel 2007 or later, or one of its components is not installed

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Error message TF237002 or TF400593 appears when a Team Foundation add-in has been disabled in an Office client, or Office Primary Interop Assemblies are not installed or were damaged after they were installed.

The Team menu or Team ribbon appears when you install Visual Studio. You can install Visual Studio Community for free from the Visual Studio download page.

If the Team menu or Team ribbon doesn't appear in your Office client, try re-enabling the Team Foundation add-in. If you continue to have problems, verify that the .NET Programmability Support option is configured correctly. As a final solution, try repairing your Office client.

To re-enable the Team Foundation Add-in in an Office client

See How to: Re-enable an Add-in That Has Been Disabled.


Usually you re-enable an add-in by choosing COM add-ins. However, if you don't see it there, choose the Disabled Items option.

To add a missing component in an Office client

  1. See Install or remove individual Office programs and components.

  2. Verify or configure the .NET Programmability Support option to Run from My Computer.

    Locate the .NET Programmability Support option under Microsoft Excel or other client in the Office suite.

    Install .NET Programmability Support option

To repair your Office client