TF30330: Team Explorer cannot write to the project list configuration file. Free up space on the local hard disk.

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This error occurs when Team Explorer can't establish read/write access to the project list configuration file. There are at least three possible conditions that can cause this error:

  • The local hard disk is full and has no additional space for writing to the file
  • You do not have sufficient user permissions to write to the file
  • The folder containing the configuration file is set to read-only.

These causes are listed in the most likely order of occurrence, and the procedures below will help you correct the cause.

To correct this error when the disk is full

  • Delete files from the local hard disk and try the operation again.

To correct this error when you do not have the appropriate permissions

  • Contact the Team Foundation Server administrator and ask him or her to add the necessary permissions to your user account.

To correct this error when the folder is read-only

  • Contact the administrator for the local computer and ask that the attribute on the folder be set to read/write.