Organize queries, add a query folder

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Organize your personal or shared queries by adding a query folder. You can then add queries to or move existing queries into those folders.


If you're not a member of the Project Administrators group, get added, or have your Edit project-level information permission set to Allow.


Feature availability: The New Queries experience is supported on VSTS. To enable the new experience, see Preview features. To learn more about the new experience, see New Queries experience.

Add a query folder, move items into a folder

To enable the New Queries Experience, see Preview features. To learn more about the new experience, see New Queries experience.

You add query folders from the Work>Queries>All page.

  1. From your web browser, open your product backlog from the Work hub, Queries page.

    Web portal, choose Work hub, Queries

  2. If you see the following message, click Try it! to enable the new queries experience.

    Web portal, choose Work hub, Queries

    Otherwise, you can enable it from the Preview features menu.

  3. Click All. Expand My Queries or Shared Queries depending on where you want to add a query folder.

  4. To add a folder, click the Actions icon for an existing folder or the top container folder, My Queries or Shared Queries, and choose New folder.

    Open Actions menu, choose New folder

  5. Enter the name for the folder in the New folder dialog.

    Open Actions menu, choose New folder

    If you want to change the location of the folder, select it from the Folder drop down menu.

  6. To move items into a folder, drag-and-drop a query onto the folder.

    Optionally, you can click the Actions icon for an existing query, choose Edit, and then choose Save As. In the Save query as dialog, choose the folder you want to save the query in.

    Save query as dialog

The New Queries experience is available from TFS 2018 and later versions. For TFS 2013 through TFS 2017, you only have access to the old queries experience.

Add a query to the dashboard or share it with your team

To add a query to the home page or a dashboard, open the Actions icon (or Context Menu Icon) context menu for the query and add it to a specific dashboard or as a team favorite.

Share queries with your team by adding them to a folder under the Shared Queries space. To save a query to a Shared Queries folder, get added to the project administrators group or have your permissions set for a folder under Shared Queries.

You can only add shared queries to dashboards or as team favorites, and only if you have team administrator or project administrator permissions.

Q & A

Q: Can I change the owner of a query or folder?

A: No. You can only enable permissions for users and groups from the permissions window for the query or folder.

A: Yes. This is a supported feature from the query Security dialog.

Q: Can I add folders to team favorites?

A: No. You can only add folders under My Queries and under Shared Queries.

Q: Are the queries and folders I create from the web portal the same as in Team Explorer?

A: Yes. You might have to refresh your browser or client to see changes you make in another client.

Q: Can I move a query or a folder?

A: Yes. In the web portal, choose Rename from the context menu. In Visual Studio Team Explorer, simply drag the folder to the new location.

In Team Explorer for Eclipse, choose Move from the context menu and select the folder to which you want to move the item.