Triage work items

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Using a work item query you can quickly review and update work items. Oftentimes team use the triage mode for a query to perform the following tasks:

  • Set the priority of a bug or work item
  • Assign a work item to a sprint or team member
  • Add details to the description, acceptance criteria, or repo steps
  • Link related work items
  • Update the status of work items

In this topic you'll learn how to:

  • Use triage query mode to update a list of work items
  • Bulk save work items that you've updated

To enable the New Queries Experience, see Preview features. To learn more about the new experience, see New Queries experience.

The buttons to move up or down within the query results list are outside the work item form. Click Bottom to cycle through the choices for where the work item form appears: Bottom, Right, or Off.

Web portal, choose Work hub, Queries

The new queries experience requires TFS 2018 or later version.

Save bulk changes made to work items

You can update several work items through the triage process, and then do a bulk save when you're finished. Work items shown in bold text indicate that local changes have not yet been saved to the data store.

Click Save items to save all work items you've modified.

Choose Save work items to save all modified work items

The new queries experience requires TFS 2018 or later version.