View and add work items using the Work Items page


We have launched the preview of the new Work Items page under the Work hub in your VSTS account. You can enable it from the Preview features menu that you access from your account profile.


Feature availability: The Work Items page is in preview and currently available from VSTS only.

The set of features available to you through this page and its personalized pivots and filter functions will help streamline your ability to find work items important to you defined across teams within a team project.

Open the Work Items page

You can start viewing and adding work items once you connect to a team project. If you don't have a team project yet, create one in VSTS. If you haven't been added as a team member, get added now.

Open a browser window, click the Work hub, and then the Work Items page. If you don't see the Work Items option, you must enable it from the preview features menu.

Work hub, Work Items page, Add a work item

View work items

With the Work Items views, you can focus on relevant items inside a team project via these five pivots:

  • Assigned to me: lists all work items assigned to you in the project in the order they were last updated. To open or update a work item, simply click its title.
  • Following: lists all work items that you're following.
  • Mentioned: lists all work items in which you've been mentioned in the last 30 days.
  • My activity: lists all work items that you have recently viewed or updated.
  • Recently created: lists all work items recently created in the project.

Add a work item

Add a work item from within the hub is just one click away. You can add a work item for any type that's enabled in the project from the New item drop down menu.

Work hub, Work Items page, Add a work item

Filter to create personal views

Work items can be filtered by typing a keyword or using one or more of the fields provided, such as work item type, assigned to, state, and tags. The page remembers the filters you set for each pivot, supporting personalized views across all pivots.

Filter Work Items page

Got feedback?

Fill out the comment box that appears when you turn the feature off. See also our comprehensive feedback and support page.