Customizations for keyboard

Describes the customizations that you can configure for the keyboard on the mobile device.

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Topic Description
Disable text correction and suggestions For markets that do not use any of the available input languages, partners pick an alternative available input language as the default, but disable text prediction, auto-correction, and the spelling checker by default, using this customization.
Hardware keyboard character repeats hold time and delay For devices that have a hardware keyboard, partners can optionally set the character repeat hold time and delay.
On-screen keyboard delay When an external keyboard (e.g. Bluetooth keyboard or barcode scanner which connects as an HID keyboard) is used with a device, the on-screen keyboard is hidden. When the screen is touched, there is a hard-coded delay of 60s before the on-screen keyboard reappears. With this customization, an OEM can define the delay value before the on-screen keyboard reappears.
Pre-enabled keyboard OEMs can use this customization to pre-enable additional device keyboards.
Text correction and suggestions Partners must enable text correction and text suggestions for at least one input language, and can optionally include more.

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