Set languages and locales

There are several types of language settings that partners can control on the mobile device. The languages that partners choose to include should be based on the market in which the device will ship, and the amount of space available for language data. The following table shows the different kind of language and locale settings. This is just an overview. For more detailed information, including implementation instructions and limitations and restrictions, click through to the following topics.

Partners must specify How many User impact
Mobile device languages
  • The set of available mobile device languages that need to be installed. OEMs must specify the value they want to use using the UserInterface element in the OEMInput.xml file.
  • The default mobile device language. OEMs can specify this value using the BootUILanguage element in the OEMInput.xml file.
  • At least one. The maximum number is determined by space constraints.
  • One default device language is required.
There is no way to add additional languages to the device later without re-flashing a new image.
Regional format The OEM must specify a default locale, which determines the country or region, regional format, pre-enabled keyboard, and speech languages. OEMs can specify the value this value using the BootLocale element in the OEMInput.xml file. One locale is required. The user can change the country/region.
Keyboard layout Nothing. 160 keyboard layouts are included on the device by default, and OEMs cannot modify, add, or delete keyboard layouts from the OS image.
Text correction and suggestions The set of keyboard language files used for text correction and suggestions while typing. OEMs must specify the value they want to use using the Keyboard element in the OEMInput.xml file. At least one. The maximum number is determined by space constraints. Users can download additional keyboard language files as needed. If the keyboard language file for a given keyboard is not already on the device, it is downloaded automatically when the user enables the keyboard for the first time.
Pre-enabled keyboard

For each mobile device language, the OS automatically determines which keyboards to show the user. If the OEM needs to enable additional keyboards by default to meet the needs of their market, they can.

The Recommended additional pre-enabled keyboard(s) apply to these locales:

  • The primary language script is non-Latin or where the default keyboard is a Latin-based keyboard so users can type their Microsoft account email and password.
  • There is more than one official language.
Additional keyboards are not necessary for most markets. Users can select which keyboards they wish to use.
Speech languages The set of available speech languages on the mobile device. OEMs can specify the value they want to use using the Speech element in the OEMInput.xml file. OEMs are not required to include speech by default. The maximum number is determined by space constraints. Users can download additional speech languages if they need them.

The following table shows recommended default mobile device languages and regional formats for different markets. The default keyboard language is automatically generated by the OS based on the device language. Each default keyboard language has at least one keyboard associated with it that is enabled by default. The speech language specified in the final column will only be enabled if the OEM has included it in the OS image or the user has downloaded it.


If you set the BootUILanguage and BootLocale to a pair of languages that are not recommended in the following table, the OS image that will be created will lead to an inconsistent post-setup experience where the regional format doesn't follow the language selection. Microsoft strongly recommends that OEMs follow the recommended languages outlined in this table.

Market Default mobile device language Default regional format Default keyboard language enabled by the device Keyboard values to specify in OEMInput.xml Recommended additional pre-enabled keyboard(s) Speech values to specify in OEMInput.xml
Albania sq-AL sq-AL sq-AL en-GB none none
Algeria ar-SA ar-DZ en-US ar-SA, en-US ar-SA none
Argentina es-MX es-AR es-MX es-MX none none
Australia en-GB en-AU en-GB en-GB none none
Austria de-DE de-AT de-DE de-DE none none
Azerbaijan az-Latn-AZ az-Latn-AZ az-Latn-AZ en-GB none none
Bahrain ar-SA ar-BH en-US ar-SA, en-US ar-SA none
Bangladesh bn-BD bn-BD en-GB en-GB bn-BD none
Belarus be-BY be-BY en-US en-US be-BY none
Belgium fr-FR fr-BE fr-FR fr-FR none none
Belgium nl-NL nl-BE nl-BE nl-BE none none
Belize en-GB en-BZ en-GB en-GB none none
Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela es-MX es-VE es-MX es-MX none none
Bolivia es-MX es-BO es-MX es-MX none none
Bosnia and Herzegovina (Croatian) hr-HR hr-BA hr-HR hr-HR none none
Bosnia and Herzegovina (Serbian) sr-Latn-RS sr-Latn-BA sr-Latn-RS sr-Latn-CS none none
Brazil pt-BR pt-BR pt-BR pt-BR none pt-BR
Brunei ms-MY ms-BN ms-MY ms-MY ms-MY none
Bulgaria bg-BG bg-BG en-US en-US bg-BG none
Cambodia km-KH km-KH en-US en-US km-KH none
Cameroon fr-FR fr-CM fr-FR fr-FR none none
Canada (English) en-GB en-CA en-US en-US none none
Canada (French) fr-CA fr-CA fr-CA fr-CA none none
Chile es-MX es-CL es-MX es-MX none none
China zh-CN zh-CN zh-CN zh-CN none zh-CN
Colombia es-MX es-CO es-MX es-MX none none
Costa Rica es-MX es-CR es-MX es-MX none none
Cote d'Ivoire fr-FR fr-CI fr-FR fr-FR none none
Croatia hr-HR hr-HR hr-HR en-GB none none
Czech Republic cs-CZ cs-CZ cs-CZ cs-CZ none none
Denmark da-DK da-DK da-DK da-DK none none
Dominican Republic es-MX es-DO es-MX es-MX none none
Ecuador es-MX es-EC es-MX es-MX none none
Egypt ar-SA ar-EG en-US ar-SA, en-US ar-SA none
El Salvador es-MX es-SV es-MX es-MX none none
Estonia et-EE et-EE et-EE en-GB none none
Ethiopia am-ET am-ET am-ET am-ET none none
Finland (Finnish) fi-FI fi-FI fi-FI fi-FI none none
Finland (Swedish) sv-SE sv-FI sv-SE sv-SE none none
France fr-FR fr-FR fr-FR fr-FR none fr-FR
Germany de-DE de-DE de-DE de-DE none de-DE
Greece el-GR el-GR en-US el-GR, en-US el-GR none
Guatemala es-MX es-GT es-MX es-MX none none
Haiti fr-FR fr-HT fr-FR fr-FR none none
Honduras es-MX es-HN es-MX es-MX none none
Hong Kong S.A.R. (Chinese) zh-TW zh-HK en-GB zh-HK, en-GB zh-HK zh-HK
Hong Kong S.A.R. (English) en-GB en-HK en-GB en-GB en-GB none
Hungary hu-HU hu-HU hu-HU hu-HU none none
Iceland is-IS is-IS is-IS is-IS none none
India (English) en-GB en-IN en-IN en-IN hi en-IN
India (Hindi) hi-IN hi-IN en-IN hi-IN, en-IN hi, hi-IN none
Indonesia id-ID id-ID id-ID id-ID none none
Iran fa-IR fa-IR en-US fa-IR, en-US fa-IR none
Iraq ar-SA ar-IQ en-US ar-SA, en-US ar-SA none
Ireland en-GB en-IE en-GB en-GB none none
Israel he-IL he-IL en-US he-IL, en-US he-IL none
Italy it-IT it-IT it-IT it-IT none it-IT
Jamaica en-GB en-JM en-GB en-GB none none
Japan ja-JP ja-JP ja-JP ja-JP none ja-JP
Jordan ar-SA ar-JO en-US ar-SA, en-US ar-SA none
Kazakhstan kk-KZ kk-KZ en-US en-US kk-KZ none
Kenya (Kiswahili) sw-KE sw-KE sw-KE sw-KE sw-KE none
Korea ko-KR ko-KR en-US ko-KR, en-US ko-KR none
Kuwait ar-SA ar-KW en-US ar-SA, en-US ar-SA none
Laos lo-LA lo-LA en-US en-US lo-LA none
Latvia lv-LV lv-LV lv-LV en-GB none none
Lebanon ar-SA ar-LB en-US ar-SA, en-US ar-SA none
Liechtenstein de-DE de-LI de-DE de-DE none none
Lithuania lt-LT lt-LT lt-LT en-GB none none
Luxembourg (French) fr-FR fr-LU fr-FR fr-FR none none
Luxembourg (German) de-DE de-LU de-DE de-DE none none
Macao S.A.R. zh-TW zh-MO en-GB zh-TW, en-GB zh-TW none
Macedonia, FYRO mk-MK mk-MK en-US en-US mk-MK none
Malaysia (English) en-GB en-MY en-GB en-GB none none
Malaysia (Malay) ms-MY ms-MY ms-MY ms-MY none none
Mexico es-MX es-MX es-MX es-MX none es-MX
Moldova ro-RO ro-MD ro-RO ro-RO none none
Monaco fr-FR fr-MC fr-FR fr-FR none none
Montenegro sr-Latn-RS sr-Latn-ME sr-Latn-CS en-GB none none
Morocco (Arabic) ar-SA ar-MA fr-FR ar-SA, en-US ar-SA none
Morocco (French) fr-FR fr-MA fr-FR fr-FR none none
Netherlands nl-NL nl-NL nl-NL nl-NL none none
New Zealand en-GB en-NZ en-GB en-GB none none
Nicaragua es-MX es-NI es-MX es-MX none none
Nigeria ha-Latn-NG ha-Latn-NG ha-Latn-NG ha-Latn-NG none none
Norway nb-NO nb-NO nb-NO nb-NO none none
Oman ar-SA ar-OM en-US ar-SA, en-US ar-SA none
Panama es-MX es-PA es-MX es-MX none none
Paraguay es-MX es-PY es-MX es-MX none none
Peru es-MX es-PE es-MX es-MX none none
Philippines (Filipino) fil-PH fil-PH en-US en-US none none
Philippines (English) en-US en-PH en-US en-US none none
Poland pl-PL pl-PL pl-PL pl-PL none pl-PL
Portugal pt-PT pt-PT pt-PT pt-PT none none
Puerto Rico es-MX es-PR es-MX es-MX none none
Qatar ar-SA ar-QA en-US ar-SA, en-US ar-SA none
Reunion fr-FR fr-RE fr-FR fr-FR none none
Romania ro-RO ro-RO ro-RO ro-RO none none
Russia ru-RU ru-RU en-US ru-RU, en-US ru-RU ru-RU
Saudi Arabia ar-SA ar-SA en-US ar-SA, en-US ar-SA none
Senegal fr-FR fr-SN fr-FR fr-FR none none
Serbia sr-Latn-RS sr-Latn-RS sr-Latn-CS en-GB none none
Singapore (Chinese) zh-CN zh-SG en-GB zh-CN, en-GB zh-CN none
Singapore (English) en-GB en-SG en-GB en-GB none none
Slovakia sk-SK sk-SK sk-SK sk-SK none none
Slovenia sl-SI sl-SI sl-SI en-GB none none
South Africa (Afrikaans) af-ZA af-ZA af-ZA af-ZA none none
South Africa (English) en-GB en-ZA en-GB en-GB none none
Spain (Basque) eu-ES eu-ES eu-ES eu-ES none none
Spain (Catalan) ca-ES ca-ES ca-ES ca-ES none none
Spain (Galician) gl-ES gl-ES gl-ES gl-ES none none
Spain (Spanish) es-ES es-ES es-ES es-ES none es-ES
Sweden sv-SE sv-SE sv-SE sv-SE none none
Switzerland (French) fr-FR fr-CH fr-CH fr-CH none none
Switzerland (German) de-DE de-CH de-DE de-DE none none
Switzerland (Italian) it-IT it-CH it-IT it-IT none none
Syria ar-SA ar-SY en-US ar-SA, en-US ar-SA none
Taiwan zh-TW zh-TW en-US zh-TW, en-US zh-TW zh-TW
Thailand th-TH th-TH en-US en-US th-TH none
Trinidad and Tobago en-GB en-TT en-GB en-GB none none
Tunisia ar-SA ar-TN en-US ar-SA, en-US ar-SA none
Turkey tr-TR tr-TR tr-TR tr-TR tr-TR none
Ukraine uk-UA uk-UA en-US en-US uk-UA none
United Arab Emirates ar-SA ar-AE en-US ar-SA, en-US ar-SA none
United Kingdom en-GB en-GB en-GB en-GB none en-GB
United States (English) en-US en-US en-US en-US none en-US
United States (Spanish) es-MX es-US es-MX es-MX none none
Uruguay es-MX es-UY es-MX es-MX none none
Uzbekistan uz-Latn-UZ uz-Latn-UZ uz-Latn-UZ en-GB none none
Vietnam vi-VN vi-VN vi-VN vi-VN none none
Yemen ar-SA ar-YE en-US ar-SA, en-US ar-SA none
Zimbabwe en-GB en-ZW en-GB en-GB none none