ShortThreadArchClassLowerThreshold specify the lower limit of processor architecture class for short running threads on systems with processors with heterogeneous architecture.See ShortThreadRuntimeThreshold for configuring the threshold for determination of short versus long running. Short running threads cannot be run on cores whose normalized architectural class is lower than this limit.

Aliases and setting visibility

  • Windows Provisioning: Common\Power\Policy\Settings\Processor\ShortThreadArchClassLowerThreshold

  • PowerCfg: ShortThreadArchClassLowerThreshold

  • Hidden setting: Yes


Index Description
0 Minimum value can be 0 and Maximum value can be 255. This value indicates processor architecture class. For example for Dual core system Maximum value can be 2 and for tri-core system maximum value can be 3.

Applies to

Windows edition x86-based devices x64-based devices Arm-based devices
Windows 11 for desktop editions (Home, Pro, Enterprise, and Education) x86 amd64 arm64