Other power settings overview

Settings in this subgroup do not belong to any other subgroup.

Subgroup, GUID, aliases, and setting visibility

  • Subgroup: No subgroup settings

  • GUID: fea3413e-7e05-4911-9a71-700331f1c294

  • Windows provisioning path: Common\Power\Policy\Settings\Misc

  • PowerCfg alias: SUB_NONE

  • Hidden setting: Yes

In this section

Topic Description

Device idle policy

Determines whether conservation idle timeouts or performance idle timeouts are used for devices that are integrated with Windows kernel power manager device idle detection.

Prompt for password on resume

Specifies whether the user must enter a password at the secure desktop when the system resumes from sleep.

Note  All Windows desktop editions have this setting enabled by default. This is a change from Windows 8.1 and earlier which had the setting disabled by default on some editions.

Allow networking during standby

Specifies whether to allow networking during standby.