Windows Hardware Compatibility Program Specifications and Policies

When products meet the minimum requirements as defined in the below documents, it ensures that applications and devices are compatible. Systems are required to use components which have also passed compatibility testing. Products submitted with passing results will continue to be included on the Certified Products List and Windows Server Catalog.

Specifications and Policies Documents

The specifications define how to build Windows-compatible devices, systems, and filter drivers across all Windows Platforms. They were developed in collaboration with partners, and focus on ensuring compatibility, interoperability, security, and reliability.

The policies and processes provide guidelines on qualification testing and product submission, as well as useful business process requirements.

Certification for Windows Server 2016 and later, the Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) additional qualifications, the Windows Server Software Defined Datacenter (WSSD) program, and Azure Stack.

Products looking to achieve certification and qualification for the above products and programs must:

  • Meet the Windows Hardware Compatibility Specifications for the relevant version of Windows Server and these other programs
  • Follow the Windows Server Policy document
  • Use the relevant version with matching palylist and supplemental content to generate logs

Questions about the Azure Stack or WSSD programs and SDDC Additional Qualifications, or how to submit the results for solution validation should be directed to the appropriate Microsoft technical account manager or partner management contact.

Download Compatibility Documents

Windows 10
Download Specifications and Policies, version 1809
Download Specifications and Policies, version 1803
Download Specifications and Policies, version 1709
Download Specifications and Policies, version 1703
Download Specifications and Policies, version 1607
Download Specifications and Policies, version 1511

Windows Server
Download Specifications, Windows Server 2016, version 1607
Download Specifications, Windows Server 2019, version 1809
Download Server policies