Additional Resources

This topic presents resources for the legacy Windows Touchscreen and Pen devices for Windows 7 and earlier operating systems.

Device Certification and Distribution

Devices and, if applicable, drivers must be certified to gain access to the Windows Pointer Device features in the operating system.

After your multi-touch driver has qualified for the Windows logo, we recommend that you distribute your driver through Windows Update. For more information about how to distribute your driver, see Distributing Drivers on Windows Update.

For information about the Windows Logo Program, see the Windows Logo Program for Hardware Web site.

For guidance specific to Windows Touch in the Windows Logo Kit documentation, see Windows Touch Testing Overview. The Windows Logo Kit 1.4 contains tests and testing documentation for Windows Touch functionality.


For information about how to write digitizer drivers for Windows 7, see Digitizer Drivers for Windows Touch and Pen-Based Computers.

For information about how to implement drivers for pen or touch digitizers in Windows Vista, see Pen and Touch Digitizer Drivers for Windows Vista.

For information about how to design multi-touch hardware, see How to Design and Test Multitouch Hardware Solutions for Windows.

For the HID Device Class Definition and the HID usage tables, see the USB HID Information page.

For information about the HID over I2C protocol, please refer to the HID Over I2C Protocol Specification.

SDK Documentation

If you are writing a user-mode application that processes multi-touch input, see the Windows Touch SDK documentation.