Audio Data Formats and Data Ranges

Audio drivers use the KSDATAFORMAT and KSDATARANGE structures to specify audio stream formats:

  • The digital format of a KS data stream is specified by a KS format descriptor that begins with a KSDATAFORMAT structure.

  • The range of stream formats that a KS pin can support is specified by an array of KS data ranges; each array element is a range descriptor that begins with a KSDATARANGE structure.

For more information about these two structures, see KS Data Formats and Data Ranges. For more information about KS data ranges, see Data Range Intersections in AVStream.

The remainder of this section discusses the following topics:

Audio Data Formats

Audio Data Ranges

Extensible Wave-Format Descriptors

Multichannel Formats for Home-Theater Systems

Examples of Audio Data Formats and Data Ranges

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