Custom UI Design Information

If you design your own sAPOs to replace the system-supplied sAPOs, you must provide a custom user interface for configuring the system effects features of your sAPO.

In this case, the user interface will not be a replacement for the system-supplied Enhancements property page. And adding a new property page to the Sound applet in the Control Panel, involves adding a new tab to the system-supplied Sound applet. This means that when the custom sAPOs are registered and initialized, their property page will be available along with the system-supplied Enhancements page. It is difficult and complicated to implement communication across the property pages of two different sAPOs. So it is possible that some default settings on the Enhancements page will conflict with feature settings on the new property page.

Therefore the most practical approach here is to implement a separate UI for configuring the custom sAPOs that you developed to replace the system-supplied sAPOs. To develop and implement your custom UI, perform the following steps.

  1. Develop a custom UI for configuring your system effects features

  2. Create a DLL package from your custom UI

  3. Create or modify an INF file for installing and registering your DLL