The KSPROPERTY_AUDIOMODULE_COMMAND property is a command property used to get and set buffers and instructions on the hardware (pin handle) or software cache (filter handle).

The Set value is provided as part of the command. When the Get is used, it returns the results of this command.

Usage Summary Table

Get Set Target Property descriptor type Property value type



Filter or Pin

KSAUDIOMODULE_PROPERTY + [optional custom module arguments]


The property value type is a undefined. The implementer can create a module specific custom command structure.

Return Value

KSPROPERTY_AUDIOMODULE_COMMAND returns audio module command specific information.


Support for the KSPROPERTY_AUDIOMODULE_COMMAND property allows Audio Module clients to send custom commands to query and set parameters on Audio Modules. The property can be sent through the filter or pin handle and a KSAUDIOMODULE_PROPERTY is passed as the input buffer for the DeviceIoControl call. A client can optionally send additional information immediately adjacent to the KSAUDIOMODULE_PROPERTY in the input buffer to send custom commands.

For more information about audio modules, see Implementing Audio Module Discovery.


Minimum supported client

Windows 10

Minimum supported server

None supported


Windows 10, version 1703

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