KsStudio Utility

The KsStudio utility (Ksstudio.exe) is included with the software tools in the Microsoft Windows Driver Kit (WDK). KsStudio is a kernel streaming tool that can be used to build, examine, and test WDM KS filter graphs in Windows Me/98 and in Windows 2000 and later. One of KsStudio's most useful features is its ability to construct a graphical representation of a filter graph that shows both the pin-to-pin connections between filters and the filters' internal nodes. Although KsStudio is designed primarily for audio filter graphs, it can be used to build and explore graphs containing any type of WDM KS filter.

To install KsStudio and its help file, KsStudio.chm:

  • Run the WDK setup application.

  • From the list of components, click Driver Development Kit, click Tools for Driver Developers, and then click Audio/Video streaming tools.

Setup installs the platform-specific versions of KsStudio.exe in the x86, amd64, and ia64 subdirectories of the \tools\avstream directory. It installs the help file, KsStudio.chm, in the \tools\avstream directory. To open the help file, double-click KsStudio.chm.

An earlier version of KsStudio, which is named Grapher (Grapher.exe), is included in the Windows 2000 and Windows Me Driver Development Kits (DDKs).

For more information about KsStudio, see the help file for the KsStudio utility in the WDK.

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