Rendering and Capturing Audio Content by Using a Port Class Audio Adapter

The following figure shows a configuration of a port class audio adapter driver that renders and captures audio content.

diagram illustrating rendering and capturing audio content by using a port class audio adapter driver

See the following for a description of the Microsoft Windows Driver Model (WDM) audio components:

DirectSound System Component

DirectMusic System Component

WDMAud System Driver

SBEmul System Driver

KMixer System Driver

Redbook System Driver

Splitter System Driver

Port Class Adapter Driver and PortCls System Driver

See the following for information about wave, MIDI, DirectMusic, and topology filters:

Wave Filters

MIDI and DirectMusic Filters

Topology Filters

See the following for more detail about the filter graphs located above the port class audio adapter:

Rendering and Capturing Wave Content

Rendering and Capturing MIDI Content

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